The San Juan Is Back!  4/18/19

After weeks of tough fishing, as tough as most people have ever seen the San Juan fish, the fish are back on the bite.  The water is still murky, about 1 foot of visibility, so using larger darker or flashier flies has been the ticket.  Eggs, leeches, and larvae fished near the bottom all day are yielding good numbers of fish throughout the quality water.  In the afternoon flashy midge or baetis patterns are bringing in fish wherever you find a good hatch in progress, but keeping an egg or leech in front seems to help the fish find your fly in the murk.  Streamer fishing has been productive too with slow retrieve near the bottom.  Catching 15-20 fish a person in a day is a realistic goal again for the San Juan and worth the trip.  If you would like to book a guided trip feel free to call Southwest Anglers at 970-903-9845 or email at